About Us

This site is a follow up from a website created to sell my books. As I found many more amazing products that could help stimulate the mind and help us all feel great about our lives. 


I will be expanding this store to several categories including:

1. Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm  -  products for around the home that you might not have thought of. These can be useful or just plain fun.

2. Spiritual and Sexy  - named so we release the guilt of exploring sex, including feeling beautiful in our own bodies and dressing up to spice up your sex life.

3. Surround Yourself With Beauty  -  For the makeup and hair accessory products.

4. Adventurous Kids  -  After finding out that our school systems don't fully educate both hemispheres this category is for those that want to expand their minds to think outside the box and create a change.